Why is it called storytelling?

It's no secret that images are powerful. Because of this, they're often used as a selling tool. In fact, you probably feel bombarded by imagery as you browse the web, drive on the expressway, or walk through the city.

We're looking to do something different. We use the word "storytelling" to describe our photography because authentic stories are powerful.

We believe the most effective images are genuine. It's not about creating a scene or hiring models or finding props. It's about believing in what you do. It's about images that convey who you really are and what your mission is.

If you want to use photography to tell your story in an authentic way, let's talk

Michael Metts

Michael started saving for his first camera when he was ten years old and he has been telling stories through photographs ever since. He started doing paid photoshoots at the age of 15 and discovered he had accidentally started a business.

Later, he studied visual storytelling in college and pursued a career in photojournalism. He even worked at a daily newspaper during the summer before graduation. Maybe you weren't aware newspapers are still a thing, and if that's the case, you can imagine why Michael decided to pursue photography on his own. 

He drinks coffee or tea every day, and without it he can't function. He loves working from home so he can he can spend as much time as possible with his children. 


Karina Mora-Metts

Karina always knew she would own her own small business. Working in her father's shop as a teen, she learned the ins and outs of being a small business owner. During college, she studied film photography and when she started dating Michael, he bought her a digital SLR. She was won over to photography and once they got married, she decided to seriously spend time growing Michael's photography business into Metts Photo.

If she could drink wine and eat brie with bread every day, she would. We are pretty sure there's dark chocolate running through her veins. Her favorite caffeinated drink is a mocha, and she's on the hunt to find coffee shops that make the best mochas in Chicago. She loves her two kids, and loves being able to homeschool them whenever she isn't trying to run the world.